Thursday, March 4, 2010

To you my friend video

Before watching this or the Celine and Elvis video scroll to the bottom and mute the play list so you can listen to these only. On the right side just pull the line down to mute. If you want to here the play list again just go back to bottom and push the line back up. Sorry for the trouble, hope you enjoy

This is for all my friends and followers, Thanks

Church Shop Murals

This is another of our children's room murals of shops in our themed Glory Town shops. It has a Pet Shop, Bakery, Ice cream Shop and a Toy Store. This was painted by Deronda, I only helped with a little of the details. This has been a great learning experience for both of us.

Church Hall Mural #2

This is the hall mural across from the registration station. It says "TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO". It is written across the train

Elvis and Celine

This is two of my favorite singers. No voices will ever top these two and together WHO! I went to see Celine in Chicago last year and it was wonderful. She is going back to Veges next year. Look out Vegas you will have lots of visitor's.
When the video comes up just click on it to view.

Church Garden Mural

This ia a garden area and was painted by me and Deranda Sears, our sunday school director.

Farm Mural

There are lots of bugs and critters, too small to show up. That you might see on a farm.

Deronda painted the horse, We had a time with him. Don't know if you can see on the barn it says, "Glory Farm" this was our theme for all our children's area, except the safari room's.

Church Hall Mural #1

This is a long hallway with the church on the hill going down into a playground. All the kids are playing. I could not get a picture of a long view.

Church Bathroom Mural

Sunshine from above

Align Left

As high as the sky, thats how much God loves us

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Church Murals

This is a double room with jungle animals it is joined with the stone wall joining both rooms as one. It is of the first days of God creating the earth. Painted and designed by Katherine Hall

New Church

If you read the "In Memory of" with the loss of my brother what a low I was in. In June 2009 we had started to build our new church. The name of the church is Grace Fellowship. it is a non demonational church. This church began new around 2004 with 17 people. As it became larger we needed out own place and a larger space. We bought and paid for our 17 acres of land and started the building fund. As the economy got bad our funds were slow.
Than one day out of the blue, as we were having a lunch at church in walks Mr. Pollard and a few of his workers. They were Carpenters for Christ builders that had found out we were trying to build a new church building. From that the ball started rolling.
Then first of June 105 men came from The Carpenters for Christ to put our church under roof. . It was amazing to see these wonderful men of God working.
All through the summer other church teams came, each doing
thing the building needed until it finally looked as if we were going to have a new church.
Thanks to all these wonderful people. We could never have done
it without them, along with our members and our wonder minister
and his wife brother Vola and Jeannie Brown. I do not have a picture of the outside as we are waiting on the weather to do the
landscaping. I will put a picture of it on at that time.

With my painting crafts and other things, I was to do murals in the children's rooms. Oh, my what have I gotten my self into I have never done this. So we began to plan our walls .Doronda and me began to gather graphics and pictures. We began just before Thanksgiving and painted 3-5 days sometimes 5-7 hrs a day.
Each day I prayed for God to give me strength and guide my hands to do my best job of painting that I could do The timing was perfect and it took my mind off me and the loss of my brother. I want to show them to you, they are not professional but the children love them and I am proud of them.
On Feb.14 2010 we moved into the new church. It is good to see God working there, have baptised eight in the new baptistry in just three weeks. Plus so many new things are happening.
There is a free medical clinic (non profit) one day a week that our members are giving of their time to make this happen. A doctor, nurse, and minister for physical and spirtual needs.

Plus a walking track.

Next post I will put on my murals.